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Past Events

La La Lands are imaginary spaces where belonging doesn’t need to be continually negotiated and anything is possible. Hanny Al Khoury grew up in Catholic household in Palestine. His La La Lands are dreamscapes free of the traumas caused by the complexities of this intersectional identity. 

La La Lands Hanny Al Khoury
Breakout Hanny Al Khoury

“Breakout” solo exhibition by Hanny Al Khoury will open to the public this Saturday, September 26th in Edmonton City Centre on Pedway Level across from RBC and beside Boulevard Diamonds.


The memories of the past, the absence of the outside world, do not rid me of the past. It is a chaos that anticipates events for fear of the present, a present that consists only of memories of an unknown world.


Walled off hotel
Hanny Al Khoury

Hanny's career has soared as they participated in numerous global events, art fairs, and group exhibitions. Their remarkable success is evident through their effective promotion on social media and fruitful collaborations with various causes and fellow artists.


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