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In 2021, the renowned artist Hanny Al Khoury joined forces with the prestigious Marc Hachem Gallery, which boasts a global presence with locations in Beirut, New York, and Paris.


Under this esteemed partnership, Hanny’s captivating artworks found a new home, gaining international recognition and exposure. The galleries’ virtual platform and participation in prestigious art fairs served as powerful mediums to promote Hanny’s artistic brilliance to a diverse and discerning audience.



an interview with BLKWTR, a Canadian Platfrom based in Calgary.

credit:  Asim Overstand, Jevan Bailey

Through this collaboration, Hanny’s art resonated with art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, captivated by the evocative themes and innovative techniques showcased in his masterful creations. The partnership with Marc Hachem Gallery provided Hanny with a platform to transcend geographical boundaries and make a profound impact on the international art scene.


Hanny's work at Switzerland Art Fair.

Hanny's exceptional artwork has not only been featured in one but two prestigious group exhibitions at the renowned Walled Off Hotel.


This remarkable accomplishment highlights her unique talent and dedication to her craft, earning her well-deserved recognition among fellow artists and art enthusiasts. The Walled Off Hotel, known for its commitment to showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art


Hanny's artworks are sought after from all around the world, the picture from Marrakech, Morocco. 

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