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midst the pandemic's uncertainty, the decision to host the new collection's unveiling in Edmonton at the City Center was met with mixed reactions. Some questioned the feasibility of holding such an event during a global crisis, while others applauded the artist's determination to share their creativity despite the odds.


The collaboration with Modern Laxuria magazine and the art booth from Abu Dhabi elevated the event to an international level, attracting art enthusiasts, collectors, and critics from around the world. This fusion of diverse perspectives and influences created a dynamic atmosphere that enriched the experience for everyone involved.


The artist's initial plan to exhibit the collection in Paris, a renowned hub for art and culture, was disrupted by travel restrictions and logistical challenges caused by the pandemic. However, this obstacle turned out to be a serendipitous turning point as it led them to present their work in Canada, their new home.


The opening nights were filled with anticipation and excitement, with attendees marveling at the artist's craftsmanship, ingenuity, and thought-provoking themes. Each piece seemed to convey a unique story, drawing observers into the artist's world and leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.


The triumph of this event extended beyond just personal achievement for the artist. It was also a testament to the resilience of the artistic community during challenging times. The successful exhibition not only showcased the artist's talents but also highlighted the power of art to bring people together, even in times of physical distancing.


As the artist mingled with visitors, they felt a deep sense of gratitude for the warm reception they received from the Canadian art scene. Being recognized and celebrated in their new home fostered a profound connection to the city and its creative spirit.


The artist realized that the decision to create and present their collection in Edmonton was more than just a pragmatic solution; it was a transformative experience. It reinforced their commitment to contribute to the local artistic landscape and play an active role in shaping the cultural identity of their adopted city.


Breakout is an exciting new collection of paintings by a former Palestinian. From a young child, Hanny Al Khoury expressed his inner need to create. But Hanny was born into a dangerous and difficult place to try to express life through art. 

Without the support of his mother who recognized the artist in her son, and early on, put an assortment of drawing pencils in his hand and said “Draw!” the world might have lost a wonderful new expression of life — and who knows what might have become of him.

Fortunately, Hanny Al Khoury found his passion and his speech in art. And his art drove him forward — to challenge, to question, and to create.


Still a young man, Hanny Al Khoury experimented in various mediums and (together with fellow artist Abd Baron) his creations in larger-than-life mosaics, celebrating other national artists, earned them a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Unfortunately, their fame and success, also garnered them some serious threats on their lives.

After Breaking Out of their circumstances, and some extensive travel, Hanny Al Khoury now makes his home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. — Fortunately for us.

— Alma Floyd


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