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About Hanny Al Khoury

 Hanny Al Khoury.

B. 1990

discovered his passion for art after graduating from high school in 2006. His interest was sparked by his first art teacher, Ola Al-Henawi, who introduced him to the world of art and taught him basic coloring techniques. In 2007, he enrolled in a visual art course at Manshar Hamanhal College in Tel Aviv. However, due to some conflicts, he left his family and home and became homeless for a period of time in Jerusalem. He spent his time moving between Eastern Arab and Western Jewish Jerusalem.

It wasn't until 2008 that he was able to rent an apartment in Western Jerusalem after taking up odd jobs in Ben Yehuda Street. In 2009-10, he embarked on his artistic journey and produced a collection of art titled 'Between Reality and Imagination,' which he showcased in his very first solo exhibition. Despite inviting the artistic community, only a few close individuals attended the event.

Following the disappointing outcome of his galleries in 2011, he attempted to reach out to art organizations and influential figures in the art community but did not receive any responses. In 2012, he had the opportunity to learn from a professional artist and art teacher, Michael Hallaq, a lecturer at the University of Haifa. Under Hallaq's guidance, he learned various oil painting techniques and produced a series of artworks.

From 2015 to 2019, he dedicated himself to studying and practicing art on a daily basis, con- tinuously expanding his skillset. In 2015, he achieved the remarkable feat of breaking the Guinness World Record for creating "The Largest Mosaic Painting of Expired Toast," which depicted a portrait of a Palestinian poet. Despite gaining popularity within the community, he faced backlash due to his Palestinian identity and was still not recognized by the artistic com- munity.

In 2017-18, he emigrated to Canada to escape the problems of the Middle East and to seek out art opportunities to fulfill his potential and start a new chapter in his life. His new environment proved to be a catalyst for his creativity, and he produced an impressive body of artwork that garnered praise from both collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

In 2019, Mr. George Al-Aama, a lecturer and art enthusiast, curated a solo exhibition titled "The Chaos of Senses" for Hanny Khoury at the gallery of the Walled Off Hotel, a project by Banksy. The exhibition was initially scheduled for one month but due to its resounding success, it was extended to two months. Many regarded it as one of the most successful exhibitions in the history of the Palestinian artistic movement.

In 2020, Hanny participated in a group exhibition titled "Break" at the Salwa Zeidan Gallery in Abu Dhabi, and a solo exhibition titled "Breakout" at the Edmonton City Centre in collaboration between Artbooth Abu Dhabi and Modern Luxurea.

In 2021, he showcased his work at art fairs with the Marc Hachem Art Gallery/ Beirut, New York, and Paris.

In 2023, the Art Gallery of Alberta organized Hanny Al Khoury's first solo exhibition at a museum titled "La La Lands." Curated by Lindsey Sharman, the exhibition provides the artist with international and academic recognition


Solo exhibitions.
2019, “ Chaos of the Senses” The Walled Off Hotel, Bethlehem.

2020, “ Breakout “ with ArtBooth Abu Dhabi, Edmonton.
2023, “ La La Lands “ RBC Gallery, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton.


Group exhibitions:
- 2021, “Hisar” The Walled Off Hotel, Bethlehem.
- 2021, “ Break ” Salwa Zidan Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi .

- 2022, Art fair, Marc Hachem Gallery, Switzerland

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About Hanny Al Khoury
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